PrestaShop Mobile App Builder : Top 5 must-have features

Updated 10 August 2021


Why would you need PrestaShop mobile app builder for your eCommerce business? Apart from the web stores, are apps really useful?

You might have many similar questions. Hence, we are here with a blog to address all your questions, not jinx them more.

At last, you’ll find that you have a guide to help you embark on your mobile app journey.

Currently, In 2021, the number of smartphones users stands at 3.5 billion.” And, that’s where any eCommerce enthusiast will see an opportunity.

Prestashop mobile app features

Introduction to the PrestaShop Mobile Apps

In this world, mobile apps are the new normal. They are the compact version of any website that makes access to the services very easier.

At this time, Investing in a feature-rich mobile app is the right decision that you’ll be making for your business.

The mobile apps not only help your customers in easy navigation but also provides unique features to keep them engaged.

Now you may think, why is it so necessary to get a Mobile App when you already have a website?

You can find the answer to this question by analysing the traffic of your website using any analytics tool.

Nowadays, most eCommerce businesses are taking advantage of analytics tools to know the exact statistics.

These tools help you to identify users accessing the website on various kinds of platforms. And, thus help you in strategizing a plan of action for your website.

For example, if you have more users accessing the website via Mobile, then you must come up with an App.

Now when you are certain of the need for an app. Now, the next question is what kind of an App do you need?

The answer would differ for different kinds of businesses.

Still, there are some features that happen to be useful for every kind of business irrespective of their domain. So, let’s have a look over each of them one by one.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a type of message sent to the customer by the App to notify them about something.

They are very helpful. Therefore, every app is using push notifications these days as a fast-medium to notify their customers.

You can use push notifications to inform about an ongoing sale, a new product launch, order updates etc.

“Through push notifications, conveying important information becomes very easy & quick.”

push notification in prestashop mobile app

There are some things about push notifications that you should know.

Offline mode is a boon for your Prestashop Mobile App

This is truly one of those features that you must consider for your PrestaShop mobile app. And, nowadays every other popular app is having this feature.

For example, some of them are Google Maps, Uber, Amazon Kindle etc.

For many peoples, a readily available internet connection is not an option. And, it may force customers to not want to use the app cause of this inefficiency.

But, the PrestaShop Mobile App Builder provides you with the offline mode feature to integrate into your app.

Availability of offline mode in mobile apps helps customers in many ways. Let’s see what functions a customer can typically perform in offline mode.

Interactive Themes are must for your PrestaShop Mobile App

Currently, it’s a nail-biting competition for mobile apps out there in the world. Hence, any inefficacy in your app will act as a roadblock in the success of the app.

Now, Let’s consider that you are thinking to roll out a new app for anything.

While researching the market, you come to know the same kind of app is already present in the market.

But, the only thing that is making any one of the apps stand out is their UI.

Prestashop mobile app offers interactive theme

UI or User interface is what makes the app interact effectively with the user. For developing a proper UI, designers spend a lot of time in research.

This research is what makes the designer create something extraordinary.

In addition to the research, also try to align the theme or UI with the product/services you are offering.

Aligning the UI according to the product/services helps to create a kind of psychological effect in mind.

This psychological effect is what helps any app to become popular.

PrestaShop mobile app builder also offers Deep Linking

Deep-linking is a feature that helps in increasing the use of mobile apps among customers.

In fact, this feature is what helps a customer to redirect from the website to the app. So, let’s understand how deep linking works with a simple example.

Suppose your customer is browsing on the mobile. Suddenly, he/she comes across any product of your store.

“Now, instead of redirecting him/her to the product page of the website, they will land on the product page of the mobile app directly”.

Thus, increasing the chance of making a sale.

The deep linking functionality works with messages, WhatsApp messages, email etc.

Finally, in simple words, any link or reference of your website coming via the above medium will take customers to the app directly instead of the web page.

Real-Time Synchronization

The real-time synchronization feature is like a gift in this era. These days, when you have to manage the same things on various platforms, it’s like a boon for you.

With the real-time synchronization feature, the work becomes kind of easier.

For example, if you update anything on the store, the same will reflect on your app too. Thereby, decreasing the considerable effort if this wasn’t available.

Real-time synchronization enables updated data in Prestashop mobile apps

Automatic data synchronization will ensure that customers on both platforms are seeing the same product information, features etc.

This is necessary because you would want to ensure there lies no discrepancy in details on both i.e, the website & the app.

In case, if by chance they experience any discrepancy, the traffic will redirect to the platform where updated information is available.

And, you’d never want this to be the case.

At last, I’d just like to point that there are innumerous features that you can get for your app.

However, to start with the above list of features can get you going very smoothly.

To know more about the app, have a look at the PrestaShop mobile app user guide. Also, don’t forget to check our mobile app extension at the store.

A feedback from you would be great!

I hope that you find this blog informative & insightful. Do spare some minutes to share your feedback in the comments section.

If you want to know more about mobile apps, do check out our blogs section. We regularly post about new trends, tech articles etc.

Also, please explore our vast range of featureful PrestaShop Addons.

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