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Multilingual Localization for Mobile Apps

In today’s global world, to grow in various sectors across the nations, a language has become a vital key to growth. A language can be both a barrier or may reason to reach profits. 

The importance of mobile apps is gaining day by day, due to the high volume of traffic and adding value to your business.

As almost a brand strives to establish a business in the local language of the nation. That needs translation technology to serve better.


By default, most of the mobile application supports English language and developed English UI. Supporting only English can limit your customer reach. Even they won’t interested to use the app if it’s only available in the English language. 

So, due to a lack of language support, you may lose lots of customers. You need to make sure your application should be multilingual that work in more than one language if you aim to drive more sales and stand among competitors.

Developing multilingual mobile apps

Our MOBIKUL Mobile Application will support Multi-Lingual functionality that means an end-user can access the application in the native language whether on Android or IOS.

This application lets the store admin convert the application into the native language and give international access to users for better customer use.

However, our mobile app support, RTL and LTR languages, and the app can set up to be your desired language.

Now, with Mobikul make your eCommerce store available in multiple languages to target global and local customers.

Let’s have a look into the benefits of a Multilingual mobile App-






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