How To Build A Master App -Multiple Apps Within A Single App In Flutter

Updated 28 July 2023


The master app is a way to handle multiple apps within a single app in Flutter. This helps users to access different applications from a single central application.

Nowadays, people are very busy and have no time to open multiple apps for multiple operations. So we can add multiple apps in a single app like a single app has shopping apps, food apps, cab apps, pharmacy apps, movie apps, TV apps and etc.

How to build a master app -multiple apps within a single app in Flutter

So let’s discuss how to build the master app in Flutter.

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Creating a master application that contains multiple applications, then Webview is the better approach in Flutter. In the master app, we can open multiple web links and web applications using the Webview widget to develop multiple apps within a single app in Flutter.

Technical points and steps need to follow to create the master app using Webview

Set up the project:– Set up the Flutter project using Android Studio and Xcode.

Handle actions in tab click:- Create tabs with the app’s name and handle the actions on click.

Implement Webview widget:- Add the Webview widget and Webview will load on click of tabs.

Set up the Webview configuration:- Configure the Webview as per the requirement and add the enhanced features like caching, enabling JavaScript and in-app navigation, etc.

Open the external links:- On click of each tab, we will load the web application or web links in the Webview.

Cache with Webview in Flutter:- Add the cache to load the pages with multiple cache policies. We will define the cache policy at the time of URL request creation.

Testing:- Test the application on iOS and Android devices and fix the compatibilities issues as per device configuration.

Follow the Webview policy of the app store and play store:- There are many Webview policies defined by the app store and play store to live your app for public use, so please follow all the norms.

So, please follow the above points to create the master app in Flutter. if you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to leave your message in the comment section.

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