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Updated 15 December 2023

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Machine Learning Mobile App is a revolution in the mobile application industry. Thus, by taking advantage of mobile device features this technology will give many effective and impressive results.

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Machine learning is an implementation of Artificial Intelligence(AI) which makes the device smarter enough to compete for human skills. Thus, allowing the application to enhance user engagement.

Machine Learning Feature

The ML Kit offers multiple features the addition of which can bring advancement in the app. This Kit by Google can make the developer an expert in machine learning technology.

Thus, allowing the usage of the following technologies-

  • Google Cloud Vision API (for image capturing),
  • TensorFlow Lite(the brain of ML Kit- for the mapping of data) and
  • Android Neural Networks API (NNAPI- for higher-level machine learning).

Implementation of ML-Kit

Google’s ML-Kit implementation is will help in the creation of a mobile app that is engaging, personalized, and helpful. Hence, the implementation of two cases via ML-Kit are-

  • Text Detection- This will allow the mobile app to identify the text to find a relative product, service, blog and many more.

Thus, the app user can scan the written text with the help of a device camera. This, in turn, will open up the corresponding result relative to the keyword.

  • Object Detection- Through Machine learning feature the app user can easily scan an object to find its relative result.

The result can be anything on which the application is based that is blog, products, service and many more.

Here the Computer Vision plays a vital role which uses images and visuals. Here Camera plays a vital role in the input purpose.

IBM Watson Machine Learning

This is one of the most renowned examples of the implementation of Machine learning is IBM Watson Machine Learning.

Wherein with the help of it, you can build an analytical model and neural network. Along with the usage of personalized data of the application

It helps the data scientist and developers to accomplish there work at a faster pace. Thus, with the help of this AI specialized technique, the applications can achieve data relevant to the business structure.

Retail and Ecommece Machine learning app

Today’s retail sector and e-Commerce sector not only focuses on the sales of there product but also give the customers the best shopping experience.

Nike is the most known retail brand with a great customer base. Thus, helping the customer to fetch out the best result in the case of customer search.

It also introduces the chatbot system to answer the general queries of the customers. Thus, allowing the customer to interact much often with the application.

eBay is also using the machine learning technique in order to connect with the customer. It recommends the product to the customer.

With the help of the Machine Learning algorithms, it looks for the requirement of customers. Thus, providing the best result relevant to the requirements.

DAM and Machine Learning

The Digitial Asset Management System is a big system that deals with multiple types of data. Wherein machine learning will play a great role in the acceleration of assets management.

Thus, allowing the store owner with multiple products to add faster data, and organization of the resources. It will also help the recording of the purchase pattern of the customer just like Amazon does.

Travel and Lifestyle Apps

The ML feature is quite powerful it is quite relevant even if we talk about the travel industry. It allows the user to ask questions in relation to the next travel trip likewise- ‘Where is the best place to stay in London?’

Thus, providing the best travel and tour guide to the customers. This will allow the customer to plan a better trip itinerary.

Additionally, whenever we are at a new place the biggest struggle is to find the correct path to a destination.

Another example of the machine learning algorithm is a dating mobile app, where users are matched based on their criteria.

Thus, the integration of Google Maps will allow the introduction of Machine Learning. With the help of this the app user can find the right way out.

Identity Verification and ERP

Machine learning techniques also use face detection. One of the famous usages is in a Social media application that is Snapchat. However, this detection technique is much useful in case of casualties where people sometimes are lost.

This technique will get them recognized in the crowd of millions which could connect them with there families. This same face detection technique of machine learning will be added to the ERP.

Henceforth, allowing employees recognition and data management in a much easier way.

OMR Sheets and Examination Management

The examiner can now accelerate the Examination management system with the application that is having machine learning. Here in the examiner can feed in the correct answer in the application.

Then the examiner will scan the OMR sheet filled by the customer to match the correct answer key. Hence, yielding a perfect result for any examination in less time.

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