OMR Sheets bubble scanner Mobile app

Updated 20 October 2021

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Introduction- OMR Sheets bubble scanner Mobile app

This app is the perfect solution for Examination Management. Hence, whether it is a school, college or any other institution conducting the examination is now made easy.

Introduction- OMR

This application will scan the OMR sheet to fetch out the result and apply a grade to the student. The application will make the grading process much easy.

Its allows faster feedback procedure and quick result assessment. Thus, saving the examiner for the trouble of checking the pages.

What is OMR?

Optical Mark Recognition is a process wherein the machine can detect the human marked document and presents a result. They are used in reading questionnaires, or examination having multiple choice marked on OMR Sheets.


Scan and Read OMR Sheets

The application allows an effective capturing of the examination data, storing it and reporting it. Now there is no need to wait for the Scantron machine or sheetfed scanner for evaluation of the OMR sheets.

The examination invigilator can easily add the answer to the questions. It helps the quick review of the answer sheets which makes the procedure faster.


Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Computer vision aims to make the machine smart enough to understand digital images and videos. Thus, it helps in the automation of tasks and accelerates the process, which would not be the case if done by human efforts.

This application adapts the computer vision functionality which will allow the reading of OMR sheets easily.

Additionally, we make the machine intelligent by adding the data to it and then examine the bubble sheet as per fed data. Herein, the application scans the sheets that the candidate has filled.


Customizable-OMR Sheets Mobile app

The Mobikul Applications are customizable as per requirements to support different functionalities. Hence, this OMR Scanner application will have the ability to support any set of OMR sheet patterns.

The scanner can detect the sheet pattern to match it with the data fed in the application. Henceforth, it analysis the correct answer and provide the subsequent result.



The application can successfully run on any Android or iOS-based device. Thus, allowing the user to access the application easily. The application gives in great user experience with its effective design.

The app user can easily download it from the app store or play store. Hence, it will allow easy access to the user.

Herein, the device based scanner can scan the sheets- Android-based OMR scanner(for Android OS) and Apple-based OMR reader(iOS). 


Support for all kinds of examination patterns

The application has the functionality to support multiple application pattern types. Thus, allowing the examiner to add multiple patterns of the answer.

Support for all kind of examination patterns

Hence, now one can manage the school in the best way via an OMR Examination app.

That’s all for the OMR Sheets bubble scanner Mobile app. Still, have any issue feel free to add a ticket here – Also, let us know your views to make the module better.

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