Zendesk – Integrating Zendesk Help Center for Live Chat Support

Updated 27 October 2021


Zendesk Chat is an American customer service software company. Zendesk is also popularly known as Zopim®. It is basically a live chat support system for the customers.

With the help of Zendesk, the store owner and the customer can interact with each other through the live chat support system.

Have a look at the importance of Zendesk in eCommerce:

If you are owning a marketplace and your customers want to have a direct conversation with you. Then with Zendesk, you can make it easy for them.

It facilitates seamless conversations flow across all channels. It leads to greater productivity and helps to increase customer satisfaction as well.

Also, it is very important to provide the accurate and best possible solution to your customers. With the help of the Zendesk solution, you can give the most accurate to your customers.

It can be achieved by involving the correct people in the conversation. Also, due to its additional feature, it helps to ease the burden of an agent, who is looking for a suitable answer.

Let the good conversation flow on your store:

Zendesk is one of the best live chat support system available in the market. It lets the store owner add a proper support system to their website or mobile app.

It helps the store owner to have rich and useful conversational experiences with their store customers.

Also, on the part of customers, they will be more satisfied through the live conversation that helps to find the answers that they are seeking.

Hence, it grows the customer base and the revenue of the store.

Mobikul Zendesk (formerly Zopim®) Live Chat Addon will help you to integrate Zopim® live chat in the Mobikul Mobile App builder.

The Admin can chat with customers and vice versa. If you are having Zopim® live chat system on your website and you want to implement this chat system in the Mobikul Mobile App too.

A good chat system is worth over the email system:

Adding the chat facility to your website or mobile app lets you start talking to the customers in minutes.

There are several benefits of having a live chat. Some of them are listed below:

Set a new trend by humanizing your eCommerce store:

We all know that good support always leave a good impression in our mind about any brand. This can be easily achieved by Zendesk for your eCommerce store or mobile apps.

A user-friendly chat system offers instant and good support from a real person to the customers. It breaks the hesitation of the customers before making the purchase.

Also, it is more likely to a traditional shopping experience instead of just having a catalog to look into and make a decision.

The main advantage of having live chat support is that it helps to eliminate the robotic replies and solution offerings for the store customers.

Perks that Zendesk can provide to an eCommerce Industry:

Boost customer engagement to the store – 

For the business that is looking to engage more and more customers, the Zendesk chat is an effective solution for them. Also, the increases the real-time interaction with the customers.

It is an effective solution that helps the business owner in branding. Additionally, it automates coversation and ensures that the customers are aware of the agent’s availability.

Boost customer engagement to the store - zendesk

Supervise Visitor Behavior – 

Zendesk is not only designed to help the business owner to communicate with their customers. Moreover, it is a powerful solution that monitors customer behavior. It helps the owner to proceed with the proper solution for their business.

It helps the owner to know how their customers are reacting or behaving in their store. What they like to buy, their most favorite or least concern part.

It definitely helps the business to track the key metrics. It includes the solution of existing problems and improves the customer satisfaction level.

Supervise Visitor Behavior - Zendesk

A perfect solution for a live chat system for your mobile applications

Webkul has introduced the Mobikul Zopim® Live Chat Addon that helps you to integrate Zopim® live chat in the eCommerce mobile applications.

Now, the store owner can have a chat with customers and vice versa. If Zopim® live chat system is already implemented on your website and you want to implement this chat system in the Mobile Apps too.

Then it can easily be done via this extension.

It will help the store owner to build the fastest conversation between the eCommerce store owner and the customers. The customer can chat with the admin or agents by using their eCommerce mobile application.

Why use the Zopim Chat service in the Mobile Apps?

The Instant Zopim chat system in the mobile application allows the customer and the store owner to communicate. It allows the customer to raise the query and receive feedback from them.

It helps in the establishment of a perfect support system for the customers. This allows the establishment of a good customer relationship.

Moreover, the mobikul Zendesk addon will help you to build the fastest conversation chat between the admin/agents and target customers.

The customer can chat with the admin or agents by using their mobile application. To know more, you can click here.


Thus, that is all about Zendesk chat. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know at [email protected].

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