Google Play In-App Review API

Updated 31 August 2020


The Google Play In-App Review API lets you prompt users to submit Play Store ratings and reviews without the inconvenience of leaving your app or game. User can give 1 to 5 star & comment will be optional.

For users & developers, rating & reviews are import. Through rating & review, users can decide which application is right for them. Developers become to know what users love and what they should improve in app. If there is an option through which users give review within application, without leaving the application, it will be more convenience  for users.

Integration in-app reviews

Set up your development environment

  1. Add dependency in build.gradle.
  2. The ReviewManager is the interface that lets your app start review flow. Obtain it by creating an instance using the ReviewManagerFactory.

  3. Create a ReviewManager instance and request ReviewInfo object. The ReviewInfo object to be pre-cached before calling launchReviewFlow method. So, it should fetch ahead of time.
  4. Use the ReviewInfo instance to launch the in-app review flow


For more information, check following link : Google Play In-App Review


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