Folio Reader Android In Flutter

Updated 31 July 2023


We’ll integrate the native Folio Reader Android SDK in a Flutter project using the Method Channel.

For the purpose of implementing various functionality in your Flutter project, Flutter offers various dependencies. However, some libraries might not be offered by Flutter or might not be of the same caliber as native SDKs. Therefore, we incorporate native SDKs into the Flutter project.

Flutter offers a variety of libraries for opening epub files, this one meets my needs.

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Let’s now look at how to incorporate native SDK into a Flutter app.

Create New Flutter App name – Flutter With Folio Reader.



Why Do We Require Method Channel?

To Know about Method Channel read this blog.

We have added an ebook for extension .epub in our flutter project assets. Now, we will pass this ebook path in our method as an argument & will use this on our android side.

Folio Reader Android In Flutter, Let’s work on Android side Implementation:

Add folio reader SDK in your Android folder.

Let’s work on our MainActivity file.

Add this in your Settings.gradle file.

App Level build.gradle file.

Now Works in folio reader level folioreader/build.gradle

MainActivity of Flutter project

We have fetched the path of the asset in android & used it to open our book using the Folio Reader Android In Flutter usingĀ  android webview.

That’s all for this Article 🎊 .


We’ve Integrated Folio Reader Android In Flutter In this blog, we’ve learned how to call native SDK In Flutter.

Thanks for reading this blog. You can also check other blogs from here for more knowledge.

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