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Updated 27 April 2023


Method channel is a named channel for communicating with the Flutter application using asynchronous method calls.

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Method calls are encoded into binary before being sent, and binary results received are decoded into Dart values.

Why do we require Method Channel?

As a result, we are in a need of communication between our flutter application with native code.

The question is, how can those frameworks establish communication between the specific platform and application? The best example is Flutter’s Platform Channel.

How does it work?

Method Channel is based on the idea of sending and receiving messages without having to generate any code. The communication is asynchronous and bidirectional. In this communication, the Flutter program (the Dart-based element of the app) represents a client that sends messages to the host (Android or iOS) and waits for a response, either as a success or failure.

When the message is received on the host’s side, we can execute the necessary logic in native code (Java/Kotlin for Android or Objective-C/Swift for iOS) or call any platform-specific APIs and send a response back to the Flutter application through the channel. When channels are created, we need to be mindful of naming conventions. The name of the channel in the Flutter application needs to be the same as the one on the native side.

All MethodChannels provided by the Flutter framework guarantee FIFO ordering.

Let’s start the implementation

In this blog, we are going to learn about the basic implementation of the Method channel.

Step-1: First setup in dart side

Step-2: Setup in android

In your MainActivity.kt

Step-3: Setup in iOS

In your AppDelegate.swift

Step-4: use this function in your dart file

As a result, you will receive messages according to the Host (Android, IOS).
From Ios ==> “Message From Ios”
From Android ==> “Message From Android”

Hopefully, this blog will be helpful to you. If you have any query, please write them in the comment section.

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