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Deinitializer in Swift


                                                                   Deinitializer in Swift

In this Blog , we are going to learn about the deinitializer in Swift. Deinitializer is called in the Program to deallocate the memory space before a class instance deallocated from the Program. In Swift deinitializer are used to remove the Object which are not clean or removed by the ARC (Automatic Reference Counter).

So , In Order to Clean those reference we use deinitializer in Swift.

Deinitializer are called when the instance of a class is destroyed. For example the class car instance is created and its initialiser is called as soon as the instance is destroyed , init is called, which gives the advantage of house keeping after the destroy of the instanced the class.

For reference let take the  example of the listener in the Firestore for listening for the changes in the data at run time.

As deist is used for removing listener in the above code.


we can use the deinitailzer for the cleaning up the Code. Please refer to my Other blog from here . For more information please refer to the Apple official from here.



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