Create multiple targets in Xcode

Updated 29 January 2024


Hello folks, today with this blog we will learn about how we can create multiple targets for the XCode project.

Create multiple targets in Xcode


Creating multiple targets in an Xcode project is a common practice to manage different versions or configurations of your application within a single project. Xcode allows developers to manage multiple targets within a single project.

By Creating multiple targets, we can create multiple applications with the same code base without needing any extra setup. Multiple targets are particularly useful when developing variations of applications for different purposes and environments.

Steps to Create Multiple Targets

You can add multiple targets for your Xcode application by following the below steps:-

Steps to Create Multiple Targets
Steps to Create Multiple Targets
Steps to Create Multiple Targets
Steps to Create Multiple Targets

We can manage the cases of your environment type as needed and can add multiple cases for multiple targets. Since each target has its info.plist file you can manage the App icon, LaunchScreen and bundle identifier separately for every target.

We also need to specify different GoogleService-Info.plist file for every target to avoid conflicts with the Firebase integration, notification or while uploading the application on App Store.


So, In this article, we have learned about how we can Create multiple targets in Xcode.

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