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Basic Requirement for Running the iOS app on Device.


Basic Requirement for Running the iOS app

For running the iOS app in iPhone or iPad we need some basic requirement otherwise we can’t run the iOS app on any iOS devices.

There is some points which need to follow for running the basic APP.

There is two types of file

a: Development IPA (it is used for basic testing)

b: Release IPA  (it is used for release the app as well as test from Test flight )



1: UDID is required :

Every IPA will run on registered UDID device if the device is not registered then IPA will not install on iPhone or iPad.

For getting the UDID please follow this:

How to get UDID of iOS devices?

2: We need the Apple developer account :

a: It will help to add the push notification in your app.

b: For publishing the App to App Store.

c: For creating  the development mode IPA .

d: By using this we can upload your IPA to App store and you will get this IPA through Test flight.

For better Explanation or Help regarding this Please follow this Link:

The Apple Developer Program










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