AVFAudio in Swift


                                                                                           AVFAudio in Swift

In this blog, we are going to learn about the AVFAudio framework in swift. AVFAudio is a framework that helps in play, record, and process audio files in swift. In every other app, we need to audio-video support like watching video and listening to music or audiobook.

Please follow the below steps to integrate the AVFAudio framework into your iOS project.

Step – 1

In this step, Create a project and create three buttons for play, stop and repeat audio player.



Step – 2

Import the AVFoundation framework in your project

import AVFoundation

Step – 3

Now we will create a player from AVAudioPlayer class and outlet for the play, stop and repeat button and also create a variable for determining the repeat state

Step – 4

Now create a function for the tap of the Play Button and also the required URL from the audio file, after that handle the URL and assign delegates for the player.

Step – 5

After that, we will create the stop and repeat button function in your project.

Step – 6

However, we will use AVAudioPlayerDelegate for using delegates of player.


We have integrated the audio player into our iOS App. For more information, please refer to the apple officials documentation from here.

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