How To Create Auction Mobile App?

Updated 20 October 2021

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Auction Mobile App is set to create a new dimension in the online auction industry. Companies like eBay are today following the league to generate sales. Before knowing about the application lets see What Auction is?

What is Auction?

Auction is basically where the customer can raise the bid for a product that seller(s) presents. There are multiple types of auction that the store owner can add to a product-

  • Automatic Auction.
  • Reverse Auction.
  • Incremental Auction.

Here, depending on the best bid winner declaration takes place. The base of the product here is set by the product owner above which the bidding starts.

Thus. allowing the customer to purchase the product at their desirable rate.

Auction In e-Commerce

Any online business will have multiple product types that are associated with dynamic pricing. Hence, they are set to auction product type.

In order to drive the maximum customer to the store and increase the rate of the repetitive visitor. This auction functionality can help in achieving the same.

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The auction helps the customer to remain engaged with the store for a longer time. Thus, allowing more conversion in the store.

Auction and m-Commerce

Now, the store owners can switch this online functionality to a quick mobile app.

Hence, allowing the customer to quickly place any auction from anywhere and anytime.  The customer will now not struggle with the complete website to place the bid.

It also saves time for the bidders as they need not travel to the auction place. In contrast, the store owner is also saved from creating a complete setup to conduct the auction of the products.

However, features like Deep linking play a vital role. Deep linking allows the better marketing of the auction product types.

Another vital feature here is Push Notification that can announce the auction of the product. The admin can send a notification with the detail of the auction products.

Thus, the store owner will have applications- android auction system and iOS auction system to allow any user to take advantage of auction features.

Marketplace Auction Mobile App

The Marketplace functionality in the auction mobile app will allow the customer to bid for the seller products. Thus, allowing the sellers to showcase there product for the auction.

This will additionally give the customer the choice of selecting from multiple product types. Henceforth, enhancing the functionality of auction mobile app.

The marketplace sellers will now take advantage of the on the go sale of the product. That is now the seller need not struggle for sales of the auction products.

Auction Mobile app and Chat system

The auction mobile app link with the chat system will set a communication links b/w the store owner and bidders. Thus, providing the customer the facility to avoid any issue with regards to the auction.

Auction Mobile App and Wallet

Today’s world is all about fast processing and quick accomplishment of the task. Thus, no customer will wish to wait long for checkout or remember multiple payment details.

The integration of the Wallet System in the Auction Mobile app will leverage the quick processing. Thus, allowing the customer to add money at one place in the store.

This money will be used by the customer at the time of checkout. The process saves time and increases the conversion rate.

Auction With Deposite– In the auction, the store owner can add a feature wherein it becomes compulsory for the bidders to deposit a certain amount to place auction.

Hence, the wallet of the bidder will have a certain amount as a safety deposit.

Thus, if the bidders win the bid then the amount will deduct from the wallet, otherwise, it will remain saved for future purchases.

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So, that’s all for How To Create Auction Mobile App? For any further, assistance, just raise a tickethere and for any doubt contact us at [email protected].

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