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Updated 11 July 2023


In this blog we are going to discuss the Implementation of Zoom network image in flutter.

Images are most commonly used in application for making application user experience interactive.

Some time in the small are we have to use the image having some informative content at that can all of the information can not be collected from that fixed small area image.

For zooming the content of the image we are going to implement the setup where we can get image from the network and can use it inside our image having zoom functionality.

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We are going to use the PhotoView widget for creating the zoom functionality.

For implementation follow below steps:

Add photo_view dependency inside pubspec.yaml file like below:

Import below package inside your widget class like below:

Add view for displaying the image:

We are using PhotoView for displaying the image with rotation feature.

We have used CachedNetworkImageProvider inside the PhotoView for image provider. It will access the image from url and display on the image view.

If you want to display images from the local resources the you can add below line of code:


Result will look like:


For more information regarding the Implementation of LinearGradient in flutter follow link.

In this blog, we have learned Implementation of Zoom network image on flutter to make the interactive UI experience in your app.

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