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AsyncTask Implementation in Android using Java



The AsyncTask the class allows to run instructions in the background and to synchronize again with the main thread. It also reports the progress of the running tasks.

You must subclass it so The parameters are the following AsyncTask <TypeOfVarArgParams, ProgressValue, ResultValue>

and AsyncTask is started via the execute() method so this execute() method calls the doInBackground() and the onPostExecute() method.

TypeOfVarArgParams is passed into the doInBackground() method as input.

The doInBackground() the method contains the coding instruction which should be performed in a background thread. This method runs automatically in a separate Thread.

The onPostExecute() method synchronizes itself again with the user interface thread and allows it to be updated.

Example: AsyncTask

The following code demonstrates how to use to download something from the Internet. The code requires the android.permission.INTERNET permission in your Android manifest.

Implementation :


. . .


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