Work manager in Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


In this article we will learn how to use work manager in flutter. Before starting its implementation we will discuss work manager in brief.

Work manager is useful for creating periodic jobs in background that require the system to guarantee that they will be completed even if the app is closed.

WorkManager does the heavy lifting for you, taking care of compatibility concerns and battery and system health best practises.
You may also schedule both periodic jobs and sophisticated dependent chains of tasks with work manager, background work can be conducted in parallel or sequentially, with an execution order specified. WorkManager in flutter manages the flow of input and output between tasks with ease.

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Let’s start implementation of work manager in flutter application in a few steps:

1. Project setup
Create a new flutter project and add latest workmanager version under dependecies in pubspec.yaml file of your project as following example and run flutter pub get command to install this library in your project.

2. Import package
Add following line in your class to import the package.

3. Implementation
Now you can use following code to register periodic task.

It will wait at least 10 seconds before its first launch.
Since we have not provided a frequency it will be the default 15 minutes.

4. Example

Use following code as example.

5. Dispose a work manager
You can dispose a work manager by using following ways.

i) By using unique name

ii) By using tag

6. Dispose all work manager jobs
Once the scheduled jobs are done, close all the workmanagers you’ve called by using following code.

It will stop all your work managers.


In this article, we have learned about use of work manager in flutter using workmanager plugin.

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Happy coding 🙂

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