Why ReactJS is best suited for Headless Magento?

Updated 4 January 2023


Headless Magento when used with ReactJS, creates an app that provides a uniform and rounded-out experience for the client like Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Customized Web Applications.

What is ReactJS

ReactJS is a javascript library used to create user interfaces this framework allows you to create flexible user interfaces.

React is a framework that allows you to create flexible user interfaces. It supports the development of scalable user interface components which display data that varies over time.

One of the key benefits of ReactJS is the ability to reuse components. Developers save time as they don’t have to create many codes for the same functionalities.

Headless Magento Introduction

While your organization continues to benefit from all of Magento’s e-commerce features. A headless commerce development provides quick and effective creative control for consumer interactions.

In the world of e-commerce, a lot has changed, buyers want a seamless shopping experience on a webpage that is quick and easy to use.

Magento is a well-known PHP-based e-commerce platform that creates innovative online storefronts used by many developers all around the world.

Why ReactJS is best for headless Magento?

ReactJS is a very good choice for an e-commerce platform like Headless Magento, for website development which also has its own huge Magento Community.

Here, are some reasons why ReactJS is best for headless Magento

Ways to implement ReactJS in Magento

When it comes to using ReactJS in Magento development, there are several options to consider that decision is based on the preferences and talents of the developer you’ll hire for the development.

The following are the main ways to use React in Magneto:

Using Only ReactJS

By directly using only ReactJS you can easily implement ReactJS in Magento, it is one of the best frameworks with the highest star on GitHub.

Hence to implement ReactJS in Magento you must construct modules from the base up Instead of customizing readymade templates.

Using PWA Studio

The PWA Studio is a Magento project for building Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). It contains a set of elements and designs that needs to be designed for the Magento React store.

A Progressive Web Application is a browser-based software application that behaves like a cloud-delivered native application. It is created in the Web platform and runs in the browser.

Why do you need a Headless Magento?

The Headless Magento’s approach increased flexibility, enhanced performance, and the opportunity to customize content that provides a better user experience to customers.

Magento has a unique design, which means the interface and backend are closely bound.

Frontend and backend are decoupled, It enables you to design and manage the front end independently of the backend. 

As a result, you can alter your Magento front-end theme without affecting the backend.

Benefits of Inheriting the Framework

We’ve broken down the benefits into the following categories:

Summing Up

In this article, we have understood why ReactJS is best for headless Magento.

ReactJS is clearly important for the development of progressive web applications and headless Magento in nature.

Also, learn more about what is headless e-commerce, its impact and how it is different from monolithic architecture.

Thanks for reading this article, Moreover for any queries or doubts reach out to us at Webkul Support System. 

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