Why Flutter is Best Suited for Shopware Mobile App Development?


In this article, you will learn why Flutter is best suited for Shopware Mobile App development.

Everything you want is in your pocket now. Isn’t it?

Well, I am talking about mobile apps. You can manage most of your work like Shopping, Study, Banking, etc using mobile apps before going somewhere.

Flutter Mobile App

Most of the companies are now approaching to have a mobile app to run their businesses successfully.

Nowadays, as the technologies are changing day by day therefore companies must adopt the new tech stack to compete with their opponents.

Maybe, you don’t think to have a mobile app for your business, generally in the past, but now to be in the market race, you must have to have the mobile app for your business.

Shopware Mobile App Uses

As per a survey in Statista, 28.2 billion Android Apps from Google Play, and 8.4 million iOS apps from App Store were downloaded in the first quarter of 2021.

Shopware Mobile App Downloads

You can consider a plethora of factors to publish your app on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Choosing the best platform for your mobile app is one of them. You can use furthermore technologies like Flutter, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Felgo, Angular UI, etc.

Flutter is the newest and one of the most trending frameworks among them.

Flutter is famous because having some outstanding features like Single Code Base, Native Feel, Active Community, High Performance, Great Productivity.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source Google UI development kit for developing attractive, natively compiled applications for Web, Mobile Apps(Andriod, iOS, and Windows).

Flutter Based Shopware Mobile App

The Flutter apps are written in Dart Language developed by Google. Flutter is a client-optimized language to develop fast, secure, and Optimized Apps.

Flutter architecture contains a Flutter Engine, Library, Designed Widgets, and Flutter Development kit.

We have created many Flutter-based mobile apps on different eCommerce frameworks. Shopware Mobile App is one of them.

What is Shopware?

Shopware is one of the most known eCommerce platforms in Germany. Shopware is an enterprise-level platform based on Symfony Framework(PHP).

The Shopware community contains more than 80K plus active users. It is famous for great features like Content Management system(CMS), Drag-Drop design layout, Multi-warehouse system(MSI).

Meanwhile, Shopware is now growing day by day with expanding their business in European Nations and is making a big impact in the UK.

Webkul is the first Indian company started developing Shopware solutions and a Business Partner too.

Webkul Shopware Business Partner

Why Flutter for Shopware Mobile App?

Well, we can use the Flutter for developing the mobile app for any eCommerce Frameworks.

Flutter is a free and cross-platform UI Development framework. With it, we can develop Rich, Excellent, Fast processing Mobile Apps for Linux, Windows, Andriod, iOS from a single code base.

According to Statista, Flutter has most opted for cross-platform globally in 2021.

Flutter based Mobile Apps

We can have a lot of benefits from using Flutter. Here are some of them:

Single Code Base

Flutter Offers a single code base for developing the solution for multiple platforms. It means you don’t have to write the code for different platforms, you can use the same code base for Android and iOS both.

Hence, using Flutter saves a lot of time for developing code for different platforms and you can increase productivity in less cost and time.

Flutter Single Code Base

Hot Reload

With a “Hot Reload” feature, you can see an instant change in the app’s UI as you will change the code.

The Hot Reload feature makes the mobile app development fast and dynamic also helps to perform quick operations, UI development, and fixing bugs.

Anyone can insert the updated code in the Dart Virtual Machine and the Virtual Machine will make the changes in a short time.

Flutter Hot Loading

Fully Native Solution

You can use Flutter for developing Fully Native Apps. A Native App is developed generally for a specific platform or device. It improves the performance of the App.

Native Apps are very fast and responsive than alternative app solutions.

Flutter uses Dart Programming Language which is fast, consistent, robust, and compiles code into native code easily.

Active Community

Flutter is a powerful community of developers. Flutter has 127K stars on GitHub and approx 900 contributors.

You can easily get involved in a Flutter Community and find the answers to your questions.

You can use the Flutter community for example Stack Overflow, Gitter, Medium, Slack, and many more.

Flutter Community

Moreover, according to a survey on Google, 500K developers uses Flutter monthly.

Supported Latest Technology

Flutter supports the Latest Technology like Augmented Reality and Machine Learning.

Augmented Reality(AR) is an experience that makes the real-life environment interactive where the physical world elements can be generated through a computer-generated input.

Webkul Augmented Reality

You can generate the Augmented Reality(AR) using the Flutter and Augmented Reality SDK like ARCore.

Machine Learning is a term from Artificial Intelligence(AI) and with it, the system can easily read the data, identify the pattern programmatically and make a decision based on it.

For the cross platforms, machine learning is a brilliant way to develop the app with Flutter.

In the real-world scenario, we can see the ML in many apps for example Text Recognition, Face Detection, Barcode Scanning, etc.

Webkul Artificial Intelligence

Subsequently, we can integrate the ML kit with Flutter to develop an App based on Machine Learning.

Taking Less Testing Time

Developing Flutter based mobile app takes less time for testing the application.

It supports a single code base that’s why you don’t need to test the Apps on different platforms.

All you need to test the Apps on a single platform and with it, you can save a lot of development time and money.


That’s all about why we need Flutter for Shopware Mobile App Development.

Please check here our Mobile Apps and Shopware Modules.

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