Wakelock in Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


In today’s article we will learn about wakelock in flutter. After the user has been inactive on a mobile device for a predetermined period of time, the device goes to sleep. It is carried out to preserve the device’s power. The CPU of the device ceases operating when it goes to sleep. But occasionally the software needs to keep the device awake because it has a crucial background activity running.

Wake lock is a feature of the PowerManager system service that enables your application to manage the device’s power state.

Your strategy will rely on what your app requires. To reduce your app’s impact on system resources, you should utilise the most lightweight approach feasible, according to popular wisdom. The sections that follow explain how to manage situations where your app’s requirements conflict with the device’s standard sleep behaviour.

Use wake locks, a PowerManager system service feature, if you need to keep the CPU active so that you can do some task before the device goes to sleep. Wake locks provide your programme control over the host device’s power state.

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Let’s start the implementation of Wake lock package in a simple demo flutter app:

1. Project Setup:
Create a new flutter project and add latest wakelock version under dependencies in pubspec.yaml file of your project as following example and run flutter pub get command to install the package in your project.

2. Import Package:
Import wakelock using following line in the class you need to implement this functionality.

3. Implementation:
Wake lock class has three methods to use wakelock functionality as follows:
a) Wakelock.enable(), b) Wakelock.disable(), Wakelock.toggle(on:true);


In this article, we have learned about Wake lock with a simple mobikul demo flutter app using wakelock: ^0.6.2 plugin.

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