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Updated 18 December 2020


Due to the advancement and huge success of digital assistants for voice searches such as Siri, Alexa integration, smart home and mobile devices are part of our daily routine and people have been habitual for these accessories.

Henceforth, this is the reason why the speech recognition market industry gaining popularity and becoming increasingly famous among all mobile handlers nowadays.

Voice search

How does Voice Search work?

Voice search rapidly improves the customer shopping experience. How? Let’s take a use case that will help to evaluate how it drastically boosts user experience!!

Suppose you wanted to buy a Red summer T-shirt in XXL size and wish to know the price as well. How you will find with the voice search? All you need to speak – how much price for Red summer XXL Tshirt?

The voice result suggests all matched products on your mobile device screen. Isn’t seem magical? Yes!! it is. Voice search helps users to make the shopping experience more efficient and convenient.

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Recent Stats: Voice Search

Voice search is a trend!! and has become the hottest trending technology against text search. Today, almost a smartphone comes with voice search inbuilt features such as Siri for iPhones and Google Assistant for Android smartphones.

Voice search is a great and effective tool for current days and implementing increasingly in mobile apps for a better search experience.

60% of searches are done by Google Voice search!! As more people use voice search to buy products online by using Smartphone devices.

As per research with Mindmeld that found that there has been a significant increase in voice assistant and voice search usage, with 60 percent of survey respondents saying that they had started using virtual assistants and voice search in the past 12 months.

Source : Mindmeld
Source : Mindmeld

Why voice search is essential for an eCommerce business?

Quick searces = More Sales = More Revenue.

Most people use voice search instead of traditional search by typing a text on the keyboard. This is not surprising that a simple voice search integration in the mobile app can make a huge transformation into your online business.

Hence, especially for an eCommerce store, it is important to consider Voice search, when buying a mobile application. It gives the advantage of the latest voice technology and stays relevant among marketers.

Voice search enables buyers to search and get something that they are looking for via a simplistic voice query.

Mobikul mobile application understands the rapid development in voice technology thus enabled voice recognition for mobile application.

How Does The Mobikul Mobile Voice Search Help You?

Mobikul mobile app facilitates voice search functionality in the inbuilt application. Mobikul voice search is perfect for mobile devices and gives better convenience to shoppers to shop easily.

All you need to do tap on the voice search icon and speak what you want to buy, no matter wherever you are!!

This search will show you all related results available in your store. Definitely, voice search is longer than text search because voice searches are more conversational.



Impact of voice search, with Mobikul mobile application:

That’s all for Mobikul Voice Search. Moreover, if you still face any issues, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at


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