ViewPager2 in Android

Updated 3 January 2020


ViewPager2 replaces ViewPager, addressing most of its predecessor’s pain-points, including right-to-left layout support, vertical orientation, modifiable Fragment collections, etc. Now its stable version is also released.

To use ViewPager2 in your projects, you need to add the following dependencies in your build.gradle file :

To add ViewPager2 in your layout, add the following code in your layout’s XML file :

If you check the implementation of ViewPager2, it uses RecyclerView within. Thus if you’ve implemented RecyclerView, implementing ViewPager2 wouldn’t be much different.

You can use fragments inside ViewPager2 same as we do in ViewPager.

You just need to use FragmentStateAdapter instead of FragmentStatePagerAdapter.

In order to register a Listener on ViewPager2, we need to do the following:

To set scroll orientation we need to do the following:


Example of an adapter for the same:



. . .

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