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Using Jawal SMS Service provider to send message on a contact number


Increasing the accessibility is always beneficial. If something is good but not accessible then no matter how good it is, it will not leave the desired impact. One such think that the mobikulwdwadawdaw application contain is accessibility people no matter they have email or not. They can still access to application.

This can be done by login via contact number. User have to pass the contact number and he received a OTP message that verifies the user’s identity.

So how to generate this OTP?

There are many SMS Service provider that allow us to send message (Single or bulk message )  at a cost efficient way.

We will be using Jawal SMS to send these OTP SMS.

This is how it works !

Most of these services uses http connectivity thus this allow them to be language independent and same procedure is called whether using from web or from any mobile device.

Sending Process:
450646002006450648064206390020062C064806270644&sender=your sender
name here

This will send a message on a number mentioned in the http request. Here username and password are obtained by the service provide to verify the sender. Unicode allows to send the message in different languages.

Here is sample HTTP REQUEST to send the message using SMS Service provide






. . .


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