How to use ShareActionProvider in Action Bar

Updated 6 March 2021


In this blog,
I will show you how to create a share button in the Action Bar of the MainActivity.

For implementing this we will use ShareActionProvider available in Android.


How to implement

For creating share action, we have to do two things.

First, we have to need a menu item with property actionProviderClass having the value android.widget.ShareActionProvider.

Second thing is to set a share intent for this menu . This can be done in the callback function onCreateOptions.

Step 1:

Define the android:actionProviderClass attribute for the corresponding <item>


Step 2: Set the Share Intent

Next, call MenuItem.getActionProvider() to retrieve an instance of ShareActionProvider.

You may only need to set the share intent once during the creation of your menus, or you may want to set it and then update it as the UI changes.




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