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Dealing with timestamp in Swift


What is timestamp?

A timestamp is that which contain some characters that are in an encoded form which will contain any event, date or time etc. For more information, you can also go through from here.

Where and How we use a timestamp?

A timestamp is that which is not readable form when you get it from the server or from other sources. So while to show some event, date or time in your application you have to make a timestamp into the readable form, you can make it readable form using these objects Date, CalendarDateFormatter and use many more.

So I wrote a function that will help you to make it in readable form and gives you a time, day and date respectively.

This function will work in following cases:-

For getting current weekdays you have to write these cases:-

I hope from this, it will make you more comfortable dealing with a timestamp. Thanks for tuning in once again!

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