Unit Testing in the flutter

Updated 3 January 2022


Unit Testing is a process where we can ensure the features and functionality work perfectly. Testing is handy for verifying the behavior of a single function, method, or class. For writing the unit test case Flutter provides a core Framework which called the Test package and if you want to add UI/Widget testing then you can use the flutter_test package.

Let’s Start the Implementation part.

1. Add the test or flutter_test dependency.

The test package provides the core functionality for writing tests in Dart

2. Create a test file.

To create a test file we have to flow some instructions.

3. Create a class to test

Here i am implementing code that validates 10 digit mobile.

4. Write a test for our class

Inside the num_test.dart file writes the test code.

6. Run the tests

Now run the num_test.dart class.

Unit Testing in the flutter

In conclusion, I hope this code will help you better to understand Unit Testing in the flutter. If you feel any doubt or query please comment below.

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