Unit Testing in iOS using swift (Part 3)

Updated 30 August 2019


Network Call check using Almofire.

In the previous blog, we have covered how to test the URL response is Valid or not using URLSession,

In this blog, we will cover through Almofire.

Previous Blog Link:

Unit Testing in iOS using swift (Part 2)


In This Blog we are not discussing about the expectaion for handling the Async call, this is already covered in the previous blog.

There are some steps that we need to follow.

1: Set Up Network Class.

First,we need to write the common class for network call.

Here we have written the network class where it will accept the


1: Api Name. : it the name which appends with your hostName.

2: Request Type 

3: Params

3: hostName: is baseURL like http://www.google.com

2: Open Your Test Class.

First,declare all the variable in the class.

3: Set up your test Class.

4 : Apply the Network Call.

5: Complete Class code :


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