UINavigation and UITabBar for Xcode 13

Updated 30 March 2022


Hello guys, today we learn about the issue of UINavigation and UITabBar for Xcode 13 in iOS version 15.0

As we can see nowadays we all are facing issues with Navigation and Tab bar tint color with Xcode 13 in iOS 15.0 version. when we are applying navigation or tab bar color and run the project it shows transparent color of navigation and tab bar.

Getting Start:- Let’s take an example, for this, I am creating a UI design in my storyboard.

step1:- Firstly, create a new Xcode project

File–>New–>Project–>iOS–>Next And Add your project name and then create

Step 2:-  Add UINavigation and UITabBar for Xcode 13

Secondly, I choose the navigation and tab bar controller from the Editor section

simple design for blog topic

Then, run the project and see the result navigation and tab bar color getting transparent, you may see the attached video


To remove this issue, add some lines of code in AppDelegate class in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions function.

Now, add the code for navigation appearance.

Then, add the code for tab bar appearance

Lastly, combine all code in the App delegate class

At last, run your project and see the output

so, you see the result there is no invisibility issue occur.


In this blog, we discussed UINavigation and UITabBar for Xcode 13

I hope this blog will help you to solve the bar tint color issue of the top and bottom bar

Thanks for reading!!

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