UIButton Configuration in iOS 15

Updated 31 May 2022


Today, we are going to learn some new features about the UIButton configurations.

In addition, this will provide you with an easier way to style your app buttons and style changes when the button state changes.

Basic Style For UIButton:

In Xcode 13, there are four pre-defined styles for UIButton.

Firstly, drag a button from the object library and then check the Interface Builder you will find the four basic styles.

UIButton Configuration Image1

UIButton Configurations:

UIButton Configuration is a new structure that defines the behavior and appearance of the button and of its content.

It has many properties for appearance and content for example: titletitlePaddingimageimagePaddingbuttonSizebaseBackgroundColorbackground, etc.


UIButton.Configuration does not have accessible initializers so you can not initialize it.

However, we got four static functions that return us to four different styles.

Customization in UIButton Configuration:

Before passing the configuration, you can customize UIButton Configuration by modifying its properties

There are many properties you can add with Configuration and change your app button appearance and content.

In conclusion, the UIButton configuration makes it easier to modify its property and appearance.

Lastly, Please share your thoughts in the comment area.

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