Transitions in Flutter

Updated 29 November 2023


Transitions in Flutter, so the word “Transition” means the movement of things from one position to another.

When it comes to Flutter these things make the similarity to Widgets.

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Types of Transitions in Flutter

There are various types of transitions in Flutter-

So, let’s begin with understanding each transition one by one and writing some code lines for them.

Scale Transition 

In this transition, the widget’s scale is animated. In this, the “scale” is the required property. 

There are some other properties as well like child,filterQuality,alignment. 

However, the alignment property is used to specify the direction in which we can scale the widget.

By default, it is 

Basically, the Curve Class provides us with have 30+ curves, we can use them as per the requirement and layout we look forward to.

Output is-


Rotation Transition

This transition helps in animating the rotation of a particular widget.

It requires the “turns” property to make it animate.

Output is –


Size Transition

Within this transition, the transition works on the size of the particular widget.

Here, “axis“,”axisAlignment” and “sizeFactor” properties are the required ones.

Output is –


Slide Transition

It is a slightly different transition as all the other transitions work on Animation<double> whereas it works on Animation<Offset>.

Therefore, this transition requires Animation<Offset>.

Offset basically refers to the coordinate system of the canvas. It takes the dx and dy within itself.

Output is – 


Fade Transition

With this transition, we can make the images or any widget Fade.

It requires the “opacity” property.

Output is –


In conclusion, we can add these Transitions to our app easily as these are provided by Flutter itself.


In this blog, we have discussed how we can add different types of transitions to our app.

I hope it will help you out in understanding and get a brief idea about it.

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Thanks for Reading!!


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