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Making a ToastModule for Android in React Native


In this blog, I am implementing ToastModule functions and how to use those functions in our React Native Application.

In my previous blog,  we know that how to create a React native Library and how to import in our Existing Application? Now, I am lighting my previous blog for What is the Module?

The module is a very important thing in our development, By using module we split our problems into many parts or we can generalize our problems into a specific form.  In this blog, I will focus on how to create a module in the react-native project and how to implement it on our existing project manually.

 How to create a Module? 

-> Please click on the link to open my previous blog to create a module

Now create functions for Toast module-


Register the Module

The last step within Java is to register the Module; this happens in the createNativeModules of our app’s package. If a module is not registered it will not be available from JavaScript


Now Add this module in your Project in class


Use MobikulToast in our project javascript class


. . .


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