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Updated 26 April 2023


Row widget, Column widget, Extended widget, Padding Widget, and Container widget are used apart from the Text widget In flutter to give a better understanding of alignment.

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Make a basic Text Widget In Flutter.

Let’s make a flutter application and add a scaffold as the home screen as follows.

Let’s add some basic styling.

Align the text

Before align the text you have to make some space because if you align the text and there are no space nothing will happen and to align the text you have to use textAlign attribute in Text widget as follows.

Font size using textScaleFactor

There are two way of adjust the font size one is using the textScaleFactor in Text widget or using TextStyle class which will be discussed in latter part. textScaleFactor attribute takes a double value which is consider as a scaling factor and scale the text as follows.

Style using TextStyle class

We can use Textstyle widget to style our text.

Adding text colours

Basic coloring can be done using style attributes. The Colors class can be used for add colors and there are some more methods.

Adding font weights

Font weights can also be added using the Textstyle class as follows.

Adding space between letters and words

TextStyle class facilitate both letter spacing and word spacing using two attributes namely letterSpacing and wordSpacing. Both attributes take double value as the input.

Let’s do some alignment

Then the problem arise when you need to add more Text widgets on the screen and for that you have to use Row widget and Column widget and there are many more.

Horizontally add Text widgets

When it comes to add horizontally add more text widget you have to add your Text widgets in an array and wrap them inside a Row widget as follows.

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