Text Formatting In Swift

Updated 30 August 2021


Hello guys, today we learn about “Text Formatting In Swift”.

OverView Of Text Formatting:-

In this blog, we are going to learn about how to format the text like:- bold, italic, underline, and how can we change the text color. sometimes we need to bold, italic, or underline some word in a paragraph. so in this blog, we learn this thing one by one.

For doing text formatting we need NSAttributedString

What is NSAttributedString?

A string with associated attributes (such as visual style, hyperlinks, or accessibility data) for a portion of its text.

NSAttributedString uses with UILabel and UITextView which is accepted attribute string directly. when we write a simple string we don’t need it but sometimes we want some string characters like – bold, italic, underline and sometimes we want to change the color of some character that time we called a class knows as NSAtrributedString.


1. Bold:- for changing the text as bold we need .boldSystemFont

2. Italic:- for changing the text as italic we need .italicSyatemFont

3. Underline:- for changing the text as underline we need NSUnderlineStyle

4. color:- for changing the text color we need .foregroundColor: color name

Full Example:-

  1. create a UIScreen

2. code for text formatting



In this blog, we discussed Text Formatting In Swift

I hope this blog will help you to get about text formatting

Thanks for reading !!

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