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Taxi or Cab Booking App Development

Developing taxi and cab booking apps with security, dependability, scalability, and performance for your companies.


Success Story

Success Stories

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What are the features you need in a cab booking mobile app?

Start an online cab service or car rental booking app platform. Similar to Uber, you’ll get real-time tracking. additionally, you can set dynamic pricing based on any criteria you choose, including heavy traffic, obnoxious hours, the availability of drivers, and distance. For consumers who bring friends, you can offer discounts and reward loyalty.

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Cab booking and scheduling

Cab booking and scheduling

Users can book a cab instantly or schedule a future trip, specifying the pick-up and drop-off locations, time, and date. This allows for more convenient and flexible transportation options.
Real-time cab tracking

Real-time cab tracking

Users can track the location of the cab and driver in real-time, including estimated arrival times, driver details, and cab details. This provides transparency and safety for passengers and enhances the user experience.
Global Positioning System (GPS)

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS technology allows the cab app to track the location of the passenger and the driver in real-time, enabling accurate and efficient routing and navigation, as well as providing estimated arrival times and fare calculations.
Fare calculation and payment

Fare calculation and payment

The app calculates the fare based on the distance, time, and type of cab, and allows users to pay through various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, or mobile wallets. This provides hassle-free payment options and enhances the user experience.
Driver ratings and reviews

Driver ratings and reviews

Users can rate and review the driver and the cab after the trip, providing feedback and insights for both the driver and the app provider. This helps maintain service quality and safety standards and fosters trust and transparency.
User registration and profile management

User registration and profile management

Users can create an account and manage their personal information, payment methods, and trip history. This allows for personalized services and faster booking processes.
Multi-language and multi-currency support

Multi-language and multi-currency support

The app supports multiple languages and currencies, depending on the target market and user preferences. This allows for more accessible and convenient services for international users.
Integration with third-party services

Integration with third-party services

The app can integrate with other services, such as public transportation, event bookings, or hotel reservations, providing a more comprehensive and seamless travel experience for users.
Safety and security features

Safety and security features

The app can provide safety and security features, such as SOS alerts, driver verification, or trip sharing, ensuring passengers’ safety during the trip.


Our Technologies

We create Isolated and Framework dependent software which relies upon a different set of web and mobile technologies.

Type of app needed for Taxi and Cab booking app

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App for drivers

With a better eye-catchy user interface and amazing applications, customers better engage with our cross-platform applications. Hence, there is no need to hire two separate development teams since iOS and Android apps are built with exactly the same toolset.


App for passengers

Our quality assurance services will enhance the quality of your cross-platform apps as we provide the best industry-set quality assurance services. We are an award-winning company that delivers end-to-end app testing for better customer experience.

We evaluate security vulnerabilities and eliminate bugs, server size issues, etc. to ensure all functionalities work fine. So, our quality testers ensure your mobile apps can handle real-world situations without a crash.

We Kablewala is very happy to work with Webkul and they are pioneer in CS-Cart, and they know very well what they are doing. Got exactly same as per my requirement and we Highly recommend Webkul. Very energetic team. Thank you."

Siam Anonto

Siam Anonto

Client Trusted Mobikul App

CS-Cart Delivery Boy App

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Great support. Thanks to Webkul I had been able to build my business. Functional and technical skills are high level."

Christian Baron

Christian Baron

Client Trusted Mobikul App

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Tattà DeliveryTattà Delivery

Tattà Delivery

Why Choose Mobikul?

We are a team with expertise and experience in Flutter app development. They should have a good understanding of the framework’s features and how to use them to develop high-quality apps.

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google that enables the development of high-performance, visually appealing, and platform-native mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase. We have multiple clients that are using our application to enhance their business and earning profit.

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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India

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2018, 2019

#5 ETRise Rank 2020 India’s Top Performing MSMEs



What is the difference between React Native and Flutter?

React Native and Flutter are two popular frameworks used for developing mobile applications. React Native uses JavaScript while Flutter uses Dart. Flutter provides its own set of widgets that are rendered natively on each platform, whereas React Native uses native components provided by the platform. React Native has a larger developer community and a long history, so there are more resources and tools available.

What’s new in Flutter 2.0?

Flutter 2.0 now supports web-specific features and Flutter widgets, including web-app deep linking, hyperlink widgets, text auto-fill, custom URL strategies, PWS, and more. In this manner, developers can create mobile apps that effectively utilize web-specific features.

What is the overall timeline of Flutter app development?

The development stage involves writing the code for the application, creating the user interface, integrating APIs and third-party services, and testing the app’s functionality. This stage can take several weeks to several months, depending on the app’s complexity and the development team’s size. It’s important to remember that development is an iterative process, and it’s common to go through multiple rounds of testing and refinement to ensure that the app is functioning as intended.


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We are working really hard to provide you with the finest possible outcome while considering your convenience. You’ll find solutions for any vertical and industry with us, depending on your needs.

We also provide customization services, so your application will be tailored to your specific company requirements.

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