Tabby Payment Gateway in Swift

Updated 30 September 2021


In this blog, we are going to learn about the Tabby Payment gateway in Swift. Tabby Payment gateway is widely used in the United Arab Emirates. Payment plays a very important role in transactions using your mobile application. So, in order to connect with the local customers, we need to use the payment in our iOS app which is common to the local user.
Please follow the below steps for the integration of the Tabby Payment in Swift.


Step – 1

Please create a pod file and install the pod mention below in your swift project.

Step – 2

Now create a view controller and add the button for initialization of the payment gateway.

Step – 3

Now add the session function for the Tabby payment gateway and call it while loading the view controller.

Step – 4

Now adding the required file

Step – 5

Now create a new view controller for creating the checkout session and a WebView for creating the session and integrate the javascript for listening to the events on the Webview.

Step – 6

Using the above function we can listen to the event trigger from the backend and navigate and perform an action. Please refer here for a sample project.

First View Controller for selecting the Payment gateway

In Conclusion

In this blog, we have learned about the integration of the tabby payment gateway in Swift. Please refer to my other blogs from here.

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