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Styling form using TextInputLayout


InputTextLayout is used to wrap an EditText and to show hint in floating label when user types in the EditText . It makes the form fields very stylish. We can also set & get errors when validating the input data. InputTextLayout is part of Design Support library.

InputTextLayout inherits constants from LinearLayout, ViewGroup and View.

To use InputTextLayout:

Example: Display Login  Form using TextInputLayout with validation

Step 1:  we need to add a library in build.gradle file in Android Studio:

Step 2: Create an xml file :

In above code we have wraped Edit Text into a  TextInputLayout.

When user clicks on EditText area, hint floats up. User can see following UI


Step 3: Write code in java  file.

Now, setError & setErrorEnable on TextInputLayout when validating the user input.

In above code, We are setting error on instance of TextInputLayout. If email address is empty or password length is less than 8 then it will show an error.


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