Streams In Flutter

Updated 25 April 2023


Streams In Flutter are like pipes. If you put a value on one end and have a listener on the other end, that listener will pick it up. A stream can have multiple listeners, all of which get the same value when they enter the pipeline. Use a StreamController to put values ​​into a stream.Streams provide an asynchronous sequence of data.

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Type of Streams : There are two type of streams.

  1. Single Subscription: There could be a maximum of one listener to this stream.
  2. Broadcast: There could be the infinite number of the listener to this stream.

1. Single Subscription Stream:

A single subscription stream works great when you’re only using certain streams on a screen. You can only listen to one subscription stream once. It won’t start generating events until there is a listener, and will stop sending events when the listener stops listening, even if the source of the event can provide more data. 

A single subscription stream is useful for file downloads or single operations. For example, a widget can subscribe to a stream to get value updates.

2. Broadcast streams:

If you need multiple parts of your app to access the same stream, use broadcast streams instead. A broadcast stream can have any number of listeners. Occurswhen an event is ready, with or without listeners. To create a broadcast stream, simply call asBroadcastStream() on an existing single subscription stream.


I hope you get the rough idea to how to use Stream in Flutter. For reference you can also check here.

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