Stepper Widget In Futter

Updated 26 April 2023


In this article, we learn about the Stepper Widget In Flutter. We will implement a stepper widget demo and how to use it in your flutter applications.

How to use Stepper Widget In Flutter?

A material stepper widget that showcases progress through a succession of steps. Steppers are especially valuable on account of forms. Where one step requires another or where various steps should be finished to present the complete form.

The widget is a flexible wrapper so a parent class should pass currentStep to this widget dependent on some rationale set off by the three callbacks that it gives.

Let’s Look into it first in the Stepper widget.

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state is having 5 properties

Let’s Implement Code

Stepper Widget In Futter we will create a Stepper three steps.

We will deeply define all three steps below are:

First step: we will be called an Account as the title. In this step, we will create two TextFormField called Email Address and Password.

Second step: when the user will tap on the continue button the step will forward to the next step, and the number was changed to the active tick icon. If the user taps on the cancel button step will go back to the previous step and the active tick icon was changed to a number again.

In the last step, we will be called a Mobile Number as the title. In this step, we will create one TextFormField called Mobile Number.

We will also change the direction in the stepper. So we make a floating action button and on this button, we called an icon and switchStepsType() widget.

Now we can deep define switchStepsType() widget.

Complete Code to use Stepper Widget In Flutter:

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We learned about Stepper Widget in Flutter in this blog.

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