Staggered Animation In Flutter

Updated 31 January 2024


Staggered Animation in Flutter, “Staggered” means ‘moving in an unsteadily way whereas Staggered Animation is an animation that consists of sequential animations.

In this, all the animations are controlled with the help of a single Animation Controller.

This Animation Controller will handle multiple Animation objects in order to perform animations in order.


In order to set up the animation, we will have to follow a few steps:-

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Firstly, We will have to create Tween animation for all the properties which we want to animate, like this

Secondly, we have created a StaggeredWidget, which represents the widget we are animating.

In this, we are animating three properties of a container: height, width & opacity.

The AnimatedBuilder builds a widget and configures it by using the current values from the Tween. 

Most Importantly, it takes a parent controller and a builder widget for animation.

Final Code


At last, the output of the code is-


In this blog, we have discussed Staggered Animation in Flutter.

I hope it will help you out in understanding.

Thanks for reading!!


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