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SSL Commerz payment gateway integration in android with SDK


In this blog, we will learn about SSL Commerz payment gateway integration in android with SDK approach.

payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce application service provider. Which authorizes card or direct payment processing.

If you are planing on the integration of the SSL Commerz payment gateway by using SDK then this blog will help you to do so.



1. Initial setup

Download SSL Commerz SDK 

Adding SSL Commerz SDK 

Adding SDK dependencies in your Application

2. Initialize payment

After successfully adding the SDK initialize the payment, SSLCommerzInitialization class of SSL Commerz SDK is used to initialize payment. So you have to call its constructor like:


Inside store Id field add valid store Id and password only because if you pass invalid key here payment UI will not initialize.

3. Handling payment callback:

It’s time to handle the payment callback. For this, implement the listener as :

For any error, success, and failure, we have to override the following method of implemented interface inside our activity. which will help you to handle the success and failure result.

Here p0 is the SSLCTransactionInfoModel object from which you can get the payment details like:


In this blog, you have learned about the implementation of the SSL Commerz payment gateway integration by using SDK.

For more documentation regarding the SSL Commerz payment gateway follow the link


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