SliverAppBar-class in flutter

Updated 31 January 2024


In this blog, we will learn SliverAppBar-class in Flutter and check how it works.

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In brief the SliverAppBar class in Flutter is a widget that provides a collapsible app bar for a scrollable list or grid. It is designed to be used with CustomScrollView any other widget that has a scrollable content area.

When a SliverAppBar is created, it occupies the top of the scrollable area and can be collapsed as the user scrolls down. By default, it displays a title, leading and trailing widgets, and a background color.
However, It can be customized to display more complex layouts, such as flexible spaces, tabs, and search fields.


Some of the important properties of the SliverAppBar class are:


for example:

In conclusion to the above example, SliverAppBar has a title, leading and trailing icons, and an expanded height of 200 pixels with the background image.
Just Pass this CustomScrollView to the body of the Scaffold.

Result :

As a result, we will get the below screen.


In this blog, we learn about SliverAppBar-class in flutter. However, you can check more about SliverAppBar-class here.
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