How to show detailed log of volley

Updated 14 December 2016


By default ADB(android debugable bridge) do not generate detailed log history of volley library. In order to get the detailed version of volley log, we need to perform following steps:

1.) Set tag to the volley

by default Volley tag is set to “Volley”. We can change to any depending on the developer comfort.

2. ) Set level of logging on our tag

This will log the detailed information of logs generated by volley.

3.) Use the adb shell command on your cmd/terminal to issue commands, with or without entering the adb remote shell on the emulator/device.

This will start a daemon to execute command.

if adb is not installed get adb tool for ubuntu via

4.)  use shell command to change logging level of your tag “Volley” in our case



And you can get the detailed volley logs like:



if you have multiple devices connected via adb  execute shell command via:

1. ) list available devices: this will list all the available devices currently connected.

2.) start daemon on a particular device via:

where number 4200f20ed63d728d is the device id on which we need to execute shell command.



For more info:, int)

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