Seller Feedback and Review System

Updated 18 January 2021


Seller Feedback & Review System

Any retailer selling goods to their valuable customer always need feedback for the creation of a seller customer relationship.

There is a unique feature for customers to rate sellers and products with dynamic star ratings in the Mobikul Marketplace Mobile Application.

The seller may become aware of the customer’s needs through frequent feedback and a review system. The customer feels more associated with the shop. This feature will help sellers build goodwill in the market a lot, as they can now represent the customer the best.

Vendor feedback and product reviews play an important role in any third-party vendor’s success or failure to sell products on the market.

But if you are new to supermarket sales, it can be hard to differentiate between these two terms.

Because both of these indicators have such a significant impact on the well-being of your business, it is a good idea to make sure that you clearly understand the difference between the two as well as how each one affects your business.

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Seller Feedback: What it Is

Seller feedback is information provide by a customer about their shopping experience and you as a seller. It is simply a grade given to you by the customer, apart from their perceptions of the products you offer.

In addition to any written comments they want to make to justify their ranking, customers may provide vendor reviews in the form of a star rating of one to five stars. The average seller feedback score of a seller is list in their seller profile beside their name.

Seller Feedback: Why it Matters

If the feedback from your seller is strong, a client would not hesitate to buy from you.

On the other hand, to avoid a less-than-stellar customer experience, negative seller reviews could cause a customer to decide to purchase from one of your competitors.

The seller feedback score is often used by the store to decide whether or not you are winning the purchase box for your product.

Winning the purchasing box is a must if you are trying to get the highest possible sales volume for your product.

Negative Seller Feedback Can Get You Suspended

To claim that it would be an understatement to respect the customer experience.

Customer experience is everything to shop, and because of this, they track their third-party sellers ‘performance metrics closely to ensure that their customer experience lives up to their extremely high expectations.

Because of how serious negative feedback is, make sure to familiarise yourself with the feedback policy of the seller. Under this regulation, any input from the seller that contains the following is subject to removal:

Product Review: What It Is

A product review is exactly as the name implies-the views of a consumer and the overall experience of a product they have received.

Product reviews are specifically related to the actual purchased product and not to the buying process of the product whether it applies to delivery, customer service, or, in general, the purchasing experience.

Customers will leave between one and five stars with a product review, along with any written input they want to send to help their score.

Product Review: Why It Matters

One of the main factors driving sales of your goods is the amount and consistency of product feedback.

The better the average product review and the higher the number of reviews, the greater the probability of a consumer opting to buy your product over the competition.

If you are serious about beating out the competition to win sales, then it should be a top priority for your company to concentrate on product reviews.

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Conclusion: Seller Feedback & Review System

You may find that many customers complain about the same issue with your product over and over again, and you may decide to make changes to the product for future orders based on this feedback to better fulfill the needs of your customers.

There may be a clear trend emerging around a favorite feature of your product, however, and you may see an opportunity to highlight this feature more strongly in your product explanation, ads, from this feedback.

If you actively examine your product reviews, you will also play an active role in responding to any negative product feedback you might get.

The customer may be uncertain or have misunderstood an important aspect of how your product can be used, and you can provide them with valuable information to solve their problem.

Perhaps, however, there is just a one-off quality issue and you can try to fix the defective product free of charge.

Moreover, there are also occasions where a customer can mistakenly leave the feedback from the seller in the form of a product review.

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That’s all for Seller Feedback and Review System. If you still face any issues, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views to make the module better at

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