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How to select Time using Time Picker Dialog


To provide a widget for selecting a time, use the Time Picker widget , you to select the time of day in either 24 hour or AM/PM mode. The time consists of hours, minutes and clock format.  Android provides this functionality through TimePicker class.

First  we have to define the TimePicker component in our activity.xml. It is define as below −

After that you have to create an object of TimePicker class and get a reference of the above defined xml component.

In order to get the time selected by the user on the screen, you will use getCurrentHour() and getCurrentMinute() method of the TimePicker Class. Now insert the following code in the onCreate () method:

We can also achieve this functionality  by  TimePickerDialog, which presents the time picker in a floating dialog box at the press of a button. When the time is set by the user, a TextView will update with the new date.

On click of the  button, write the below mentioned code.

Thanks for reading.

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