Scrolling Parallax in Flutter

Updated 27 April 2023


In this blog, we are going to learn about Scrolling Parallax in a flutter.

As we know flutter widgets are built in modern frameworks. A screen in the flutter app is totally made up of widgets.

And here we are also going to start with the widget.

In this blog, we are going to implement the Scrolling Parallax. And how to use in flutter application.

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Image Scrolling Parallax in Flutter:

Basically, the use of Image Scrolling Parallax is when we scroll down the list of images then the images in the cells slowly scroll upward. This is known as the parallax.

Now we are going to start with the code implementation.


Parallax Class

LocationListItems Class

Parallax Flow Delegate


Render Parallax

Location Class

location list

Complete code



In this blog, we have discussed how we can use the Scrolling Parallax in the flutter app.

I hope it will help you in understanding the Scrolling Parallax.

Thanks for reading!!


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