Scroll UICollectionView automatically in Swift

Updated 12 January 2024


UICollection View is a tool for displaying a collection of items in a grid-like or custom layout. So In this blog, We will learn how to Scroll UICollectionView automatically in Swift.

Scroll UICollectionView automatically in Swift

Setting Up the UICollectionView

Before Working on the automatic scrolling of UICollectionView, you should have some basic idea about the UICollectionView in Swift. Now Follow the below steps and set up the collection view for the automatic scrolling.

1. Create New Project:- First, create a fresh project or open an existing project where you have integrated the UICollection View.

2. Design Your UICollection View:- Set up your UICollectionView either programmatically or using Storyboard.

3. Load Data:- Once you complete the basic setup for the UICollection View, populate your UICollectionView with the data that you want to display on the screen. Ensure you’ve established the UICollectionViewDelegate and UICollectionViewDataSource for your Collection View.

Once you complete the UI Collection view setup your collection view should look like this:-

Implementing Automatic Scrolling

To implement auto-scrolling in your collection view, follow these steps.

Step 1:- Timer Setup

Timer setup will trigger the scrolling method automatically in provided intervals.

Step 2:- Scroll Logic

Once you define all the variables that we are gonna need for scroll logic, create a function to handle the scrolling action.

Step 3:- Start Auto-Scroll

Now we have added the scroll logic and we need to call this logic with the constant interval of time. Initialize the timer and add a selector and time interval for the scrolling.

Note:- You can initialize the timer anywhere according to your needs as we have initialized the timer under override func viewDidLoad().

Once you complete all three steps, your UICollectionView will start scrolling like below:-

Scroll UICollectionView automatically in



So, In this article, we have learned about how to scroll UICollectionView automatically in Swift.

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