Scan the QR code on an Android phone.

Updated 30 January 2024


Use to Scan the QR code on an Android phone (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional barcode).

You can find out more about the Flutter app development services page.

At the very first, We have to add the Google Play Services Integration in our app and add the GMS services dependency in build.gradle

And at the global build.gradle must have

Before installation, Scan the QR Code to make Mobile Vision APIs functional and add the metadata tag inside the Manifest file

Also, add the uses permission and uses feature inside the Manifest file

Now, Make the xml file for show the QR scan code

Now, the BarCodeActivity code is given below:

For more understanding please go through these links:

You can also check this link:


In this post, you learned that it shows the bar code text after scanning the bar code using the Mobile Vision APIs. It reads the data, as well as understands what type of data it is.

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