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Using RN Fingerprint in our React Native Application


A Fingerprint is a type of electronic security system that uses fingerprints for biometric authentication to grant the user access to information or to approve transactions. Basically, I have used it for Fingerprint Login. For it, I have saved/add User secure information wit his fingerprint and retrieve user information when user wants to log in.

For Fingerprint Scanner I have uses “react-native-fingerprint-scanner” library. it supports both technology iOS and Android and it easy to implement and modifiable.

How to Install it on our project- Use the following command

App Permissions

Add the following permissions to their respective files:

In your AndroidManifest.xml:

In your Info.plist:

If you use proguard rule then add following code on your android/app/ file

Check fingerprint availability in the device when start Login Component.

and now create a popup dialog for Android/iOS and add fingerprint  Authentication in its componentDidMount

For Android

For iOS (Please note that there is no need to return a view from render method It auto provide iOS dialog for render view)



. . .


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