Retrofit Offline Caching in Android

Updated 1 February 2022


Retrofit Offline Caching in Android

In this blog, We are going to learn about how to achieve Retrofit Offline Caching in Android.

We know that OkHttp is the default HttpClient for Retrofit.
OkHttp comes with a powerful component Interceptors.

We have two types of interceptors.

Using Interceptors you can read and modify the requests. And obviously, we’ll add Cache-control on the responses.

Cache-control is a header used to specify caching policies in client requests and server responses.

Note: You can only cache the GET requests.

Code :

The code for the MainActivity.kt is given below:

The code for the APIService.kt is given below:

Note: Don’t forget to add Internet permission in your manifest file.

Now we have done. Hope this blog will help you to achieve caching retrofit requests in android.

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