Rename or Duplicating Xcode Projects

Updated 28 November 2023


Dear Reader,

We generally spend approximately half an hour to make a clone of any iOS Project. But today I am going to explain the easiest way in duplicating the projects.

To check this run the below command in the terminal:

brew -v

If your system has installed the Homebrew, it will display the version installed like below

Now we move forward to the 2nd step.

brew install rename

brew install ack

If you also want to check these formulas are already installed on your system. You can verify this using below commands in terminal.

which ack

which rename

It will give you the path of rename and ack formulas if you have already installed.

  1. Open TextEdit and create a new file
  2. Convert it to plain text by clicking Format > Make Plain Text
  3. Copy below script and paste to text file created in previous step. For example, you could do:
  4. Run chmod u+x ~/Desktop/myScriptFile.command in your terminal, where ~/Desktop/myScriptFile.command is the path to your script and myScriptFile is the name of file. This will give the terminal permission to run the file.
  5. You’re done! Double-click the file to run or drag over the terminal icon will also work.

I have mentioned an example here:

Points to remember:

Now run the below scripts and follow the steps

If you still face any issues, just comment below. I am waiting for your amazing feedback.

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